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Community Technology Services was formed out of an observed gap in IT support services targeted to the multi-tenant residential community and the companies that manage them. 

The typical community is overseen by a property management company whose expertise typically does not focus on the technical arena. As a result, systems/technologies implemented within a multi-tenant residential community are often inappropriately maintained; they encounter failures and are not leveraged to their fullest capabilities. When technology fails, it is merely spot-repaired, and no strategy is in place for integration or long-term stability to extend the life of the devices

This is where Community Technology Services come in. We bridge the technology understanding gap between board members, management personnel, and the technologies they depend on to provide a specific resident experience (security, access control, communications, etc.). We strive to become a trusted technology partner to a property, providing services for new and existing technology guidance, day-to-day systems support, and proactive maintenance of their solutions. Specializing in four product categories focused on the entire lifecycle of community technologies, CTS can provide ongoing services to properties, not one-time engagements that are typical of an implementation vendor.


Many management companies either lack the proper IT support structure necessary to maintain a secure, productive environment or subscribe to services from a large “one size fits all” IT company that doesn’t understand the intricacies of the property management field.  Our support team focuses exclusively on the technologies and processes used to manage communities.  We assist our management company clients with strategic technology planning and implementations, day-to-day helpdesk services for their staff, and cloud technology solutions management.  Knowing the processes and systems that our clients depend on enables us to improve their experience while providing enhanced productivity and security for management companies.

Our product portfolio includes technology consulting, project management and implementation, managed IT services, and the sale of related products.  We work with each property or management company to analyze their specific technology needs, then determine the best solution, relying on proven solutions within the industry. This may entail limited, small-scale remediation project work or large-scale replacement projects tailored to the specific needs of the property.

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Our consultative & proactive services are exclusively focused on the multi-tenant residential community.  We are uniquely suited to providing objective, client- and value- oriented expertise, supporting the complete lifecycle of community technologies our clients depend on.  Our approach to proactive and responsive IT & security systems support and maintenance delivers what customers truly seek: stability, safety, security and peace of mind.

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We provide practical and forward-looking, value-oriented technology expertise and leadership to multi-tenant residential communities and the companies that manage them. CTS promises to do so with integrity & principle, in order to consistently deliver long-term stability, safety, security, and peace of mind. 

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We are an agile organization that has a singular mission: to enable residential communities and management companies to leverage technology to improve their residents’ living experience. This focus, along with the very real gap that exists for available IT support services targeted to the multi-tenant residential community, offers our employees a chance to make a significant difference in the lives of both those residents, as well as our customers who serve those residents.

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