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We know that it's challenging to do your best job as a property manager or board member when you don't know where to start or how to identify the actual problems that need attention. That's where CTS comes in as your trusted technology partner. We understand that unmanaged technology systems can fail. We know how to keep things running, integrate existing systems with new technologies, and develop a strategy for long-term stability through managed services.
This frees you up to do what you do best and will allow you to provide your tenants with security, safety, reliability, and peace of mind through:

  • Technology Consulting

  • Managed IT Services

  • Project Management & Systems Implementations

  • Product Sales & Support


At the same time, CTS will provide you with a greater return on their technology investments, and provide your management companies with solutions that make them look good and demonstrate to other properties the value-add of CTS's services.

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It's common for a property manager or board member to have frustrations understanding what's installed where, whether it's functioning correctly, and whether there are security vulnerabilities or shortcomings with technology.  CTS conducts a deep dive into your property's systems and technologies to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement necessary to maintain a safe and reliable resident environment.  We provide a detailed report, a summary for the board, and a proposed project schedule to remediate any issues discovered.

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Technology changes quickly - what was once cutting-edge can become obsolete more quickly than ever.  CTS bridges the gap between property managers, board members, and their technology providers, ensuring that the best solutions to the problems properties face are analyzed and implemented appropriately.

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You know you have a need to replace a failing system but aren't sure where to start.  The technology options are complicated and the implementations are often challenging.  CTS partners with management teams and board members to determine the requirements for the community, provides a structured project management approach to the engagement, and implements a solution tailored to the need of the property, ensuring successful delivery for your community.

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Once an installation team completes a technology implementation, that system is often not touched again until it fails.  That leaves your community open to vulnerabilities, systems and security failures, and unhappy residents.  CTS utilizes proactive monitoring tools and processes to keep your systems running at their full potential, and when an issue arises, we know about it and resolve it before it has a chance to impact your residents and staff.

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