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Cellular Network Backup

Updated: May 16, 2022


A high-rise condominium in Atlanta was experiencing frequent outages from their internet service provider, and the frustrations on the part of staff and residents were on the rise. Front desk staff depended on functioning telecommunications/internet services to track packages, manage guest entry and departure, and keep numerous other facility activities and functions operating smoothly.

The Challenge

Community Technology Services was engaged to assess the situation, make a technology recommendation that would keep critical staff services up and running when internet service failed, and then implement the recommended improvements.

The CTS Solution

After evaluating the available technology landscape, CTS implemented a solution from Ubiquiti technologies ( A cellular network receiver was installed that automatically fails-over to cellular service when the primary provider fails.

Critical devices were identified and tagged to access the activated cellular service when primary service failures occurred, while non-critical devices went offline temporarily (reducing bandwidth consumption on the cellular circuit). Failovers are managed seamlessly; staff relying on critical services do not notice the switch to cellular service, and today, residential building services can continue without interruption.

CTS eliminated resident and staff frustrations through the application of a readily-available technology solution.

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