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Pool Music Automation

Updated: May 16, 2022


A high-rise condominium in Atlanta houses a community pool with a music system that has been accessible by residents at any time. The system controls were found adjacent to the pool, and residents could select any song/genre/channel they wished (including songs with explicit lyrics) or adjust the volume, or even turn the system off if they didn't care for what was playing.

The Challenge

The unmanaged situation at the condominium pool was the source of much frustration for both property management and building residents because of the resident battles over music type or volume. Additional frustrations occurred when, if the system wasn't shut off at the end of the evening, music would continue playing through the night, further annoying residents who lived close to the pool.

The Solution

Condominium property management sought a solution that allowed for managed control over music type, volume, and availability.

CTS implemented a custom-tailored music service solution that delivered "flexibility within a framework" and provides residents with the ability to select the music they want to listen to (from a fixed and 'explicit lyric-less' menu) via an app for their Smartphone. The app only works when at the location (GPS controlled). Volume is controlled automatically, tying specific times to fixed volumes, and adjusts throughout the day to match the load of people and energy at the pool. Music volume is reduced to low in the early evening, and shuts off at a preset time.


Residents can choose what music they want to hear, and the volume is set/maintained, no longer resulting in disagreements.

Custom-built technology solutions by CTS make non-technology amenities more enjoyable for condominium residents.

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